Meet Kimber


Kimber is an award-winning Graphic Designer and Branding Strategist with a passion for the health and wellness industry.

Being a registered Reflexologist and Reiki Master, Kimber draws on her unique skill set to really understand the marketing needs of other health and wellness providers. While embarking down a path of a wellness career, Kimber quickly realized that many other passionate wellness warriors needed help creating a successful brand. Thus, her company Kimber Grenier Branding & Design was born.

Her career brings more than 17-years of experience through brand communications, online marketing and strong print and web design. Working with a variety of clients in marketing, public relations, and agency has allowed Kimber to become a strong communicator and a highly efficient designer.

Kimber currently works at m5 Marketing Communications and in the past has worked for Arrivals & Departures (formerly Extreme Group) as well as Lashbrook Marketing and Public Relations in London, ON.

Her client roster consists of heavy hitters such as Tourism Nova Scotia, The Discovery Centre, Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Bell Aliant, City of London (Ontario), Community Living Ontario, Huntington’s Society of Canada as well as clients in the health and wellness industry.

As a naturally curious person, Kimber looks to determine the needs of clients through active listening and thoughtful execution. She’s developed a strategic process that helps clients determine who their target audience is and how to really connect and engage with them, creating an authentic and successful brand.